Meditation: Scripture of The Heart.

WIN_20140725_080151There are many different Scriptures in the world, and I have come to respect them all.  Scripture takes the essence of our different spiritual traditions and attempts to break it down into words.  These words rarely do justice to the Truth they attempt to convey, but they do succeed, however imperfectly, to preserve the spiritual experience contained in the original community of practice. In this sense Scriptures serve as markers along the way; the finger of words pointing to the moon of spiritual experience.

Over the course of this present life I have studied the Jewish Scriptures and the Christian New Testament as well as The Tarot. Recently I have begun the study of the Koran and the Bhagavad-Gita. In all these Scriptures I have found good points as well as points which have been taken out of context and abused.  It has been said, “The Devil quotes Scripture to suit his own purposes,” and this saying holds true for all faiths.  But in each Scripture I have studied (Including the pictorial Scripture of The Tarot) there is a spiritual gem of Truth worth more than it’s weight in gold, which those of good will are destined to find no matter which spiritual path they walk.

One Scripture which goes unnoticed by many is the Scripture of Meditation; a Scripture of the heart. Many might not consider Meditation to be a Scripture, but for me this line of reasoning works. Scripture helps to connect us with The Divine as we understand The Divine. Meditation does the same, only in a more direct way. Scripture gives us insight on how to grow and perfect our own lives. Meditation also accomplishes this end. Scripture helps those on The Path to purify their mind and soul. This Meditation does as well.  With Scripture one needs to learn how to read.  Meditation, on the other hand, requires no literary skills and can be done by a child.  Certainly Scripture can be abused and twisted by those who lack purity of heart. Sadly this also holds true for Meditation.  But if we enter the practice with purity of heart and intention, we find we are rewarded with a pearl of great value, providing we seek for the sake of wisdom alone.

Many people see the Scriptures of the world religions as being sectarian, and to a great extent they are.  Anybody can practice Meditation no matter what their religious background, if indeed any.  And done faithfully and regularly, in a form which suits the seeker best, Meditation will improve one’s conscious contact with The Divine of their own heart and understanding.  And it is in this respect that I find Meditation to be of infinitely greater value than any written or visual Scripture.  Written and visual Scriptures serve as sign posts directing us to a spiritual experience. Meditation provides that spiritual experience.  Other Scriptures point the Way to The Path.  Meditation shows us The Path and The Destination all rolled up into One.  Written Scriptures preserve for us the experiences of ages past, and Meditation allows us the freedom to make those same experiences our own.  Both the written Scriptures and Meditation are important.  Let us not overlook one in the practice of another.


Frater Ralph


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