Temple Of The Infinite Universe: What We Are All About.

The Temple Of The Infinite Universe started out in 2007 as St Francis Place.  It began with the simple idea of promoting peace and interfaith harmony, but with little structure by which to accomplish those ends.  Over the years our vision has come to a greater focus, and our network has grown to give our ministry more depth and stability in these uncertain economic times.  What follows is a brief account of where we began, where we are now, and our vision of where we are going.

We began with the idea of holding worship services for all regardless of religious differences.  This idea was given the working title Church In A Barn in which all would be welcome in a simple rustic setting to worship The Divine in a universal non-sectarian way.  This gave rise to our efforts to develop St Francis Place on an internet platform to help build interest in such an interfaith spiritual community.  It took several years working a full-time job and building a web presence on the side to get much done on this project.  Also, we had no clear idea of what kind of Spirituality we would be using and teaching.  I had a basic idea of utilizing the basic teachings of Jesus as preserved in The Sermon On The Mount, but the problem many times was in trying to present these ideas and Spiritual Principles in a way that was non-christian, non-sectarian, and truly open to all.

A few years ago we began to take an interest in Kabbalah and the teachings of the Hermetica.  This is where our efforts really began to bear fruit.  I found in the teachings of Kabbalah and the Hermetica everything I had come to love in the basic gospel message of Jesus of Nazareth.  I also discovered that these teachings are far more ancient in origin than the person of Jesus of Nazareth.  I found that they go back thousands of years before the Christian Era comprising a philosophy which has impacted perhaps every religion known to humanity, yet has been maintained as a non-religious system of thought and Spiritual growth since before the pyramids of Giza.  Upon studying the Hermetica I realized this was the golden key I had been looking for.

Using the language and philosophy of the Hermetica we embarked on collecting our first group of sincere disciples willing to support our work financially.  Using paid platforms such as KEEN and INGENIO we began doing Spiritual Direction via the internet and telephone covering topics ranging from prayer and meditation to past life issues and reincarnation.  We now have a foundation upon which we can begin to build a meditation center (though this is very much a work in progress at this stage) and we are beginning to make our plans for the future.

At present we are in the process of organizing as our own corporate entity.  To this end we are creating a formal Board of Directors as well as an Advisory Board to help lead and guide the outreach.  We are also moving forward in developing our community over the internet using Skype and video hangouts to enable us to reach interested seekers from all over the world.  Currently we have committed followers in North and South America as well as Australia, and we stand committed to building a fellowship in which distance and national boundaries are irrelevant.  We likewise seek to build a community in which the primary concern is not the salvation of the individual, but literally the good of the entire planet.  To this end we advocate living in harmony with oneself, one’s neighbor, nature, the planet as a whole, and the greater Cosmos.  If this is a community that appeals to you, feel free to message us using  the contact page.  I will be posting more on our beliefs and practices in upcoming posts.  Until then may inner peace be yours!


Frater Ralph


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